Doune Castle

Stirling, Scotland

City/Town/Village: Buchany
County: Stirling
Latitude/Longitude: 56.1852, -4.05021

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Doune Castle is a Listed Building. Here's what the official description says about it:

Completed by 1401. Irregular courtyard plan approx. 160' x
160' overall with residential buildings ranged along N. side
comprising: Keep gatehouse, or Ducal residence on E. 4-storey
and attic, 95' high containing vaulted Lords Hall 43' x 28' x
23'6" h. and private apartments above; at centre Retainers'
Hall 67' x 27' x 40' h. wooden roof (modern replacement of
original) centre hearth and louvre above; at W. Kitchen Tower
56' x 27' 3-storey and attic containing vaulted kitchen with
Royal apartments above. Curtain walls round S.E. & W. sides
40' high and 7' thick: buildings within these walls planned
but apparently not executed: S. curtain has large gothic
windows for chapel. Well in court 5' dia. 60' deep, windlass incorporates fragments of original.
Alterations and restorations: 1581 new staircase to Kitchen
tower, new battlements to curtain, Michael Ewing master
mason: repairs 1605, 1717-18 and 1738: completely unroofed by
1800. Reroofed, partial restoration, Andrew Kerr archt., for
14th Earl of Moray 1883-6. Fragment of outworks beyond castle

Information from British Listed Buildings

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