Jewel Tower

Greater London, England

City/Town/Village: London
District: City of Westminster
County: Greater London
Latitude/Longitude: 51.498, -0.124826
Postcode: SW1P 3JX
(postcode is for sat-nav purposes only, and may not represent the actual address of the castle)


English Heritage

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The Jewel Tower dates back over 700 years and is an intriguing visitor attraction in the heart of Westminster. It was built around 1365 to house Edward III's treasures and was known as the 'King's Privy Wardrobe'. One of only two buildings from the medieval Palace of Westminster to survive the fire of 1834, the tower features a 14th-century ribbed vault. It displays a fascinating exhibition about the history of Parliament ' 'Parliament Past and Present', and the second floor includes panels telling the story of this small but important building. Why not make a visit to the Jewel Tower part of your day out in central London?
Adults: £3.20
Children: £1.60
Concessions: £2.70
EH Member Cost: Free

Information from English Heritage website

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