Richborough Castle

Kent, England

City/Town/Village: Richborough
County: Kent
Latitude/Longitude: 51.2933, 1.33256


English Heritage

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Richborough Castle is a Listed Building. Here's what the official description says about it:

TR 365W

Remains of Roman settlement of Rutupiae A.D.43, C2, c239, C10 and C12.
Principal remains are the sea-pebble and rubble stone walls faced with
stone and tile levelling courses, three sides of the late C3 Saxon shore
fort (the eastern wall fell to the sea, now some miles distant). Walls
approximately 25 feet high and 12 feet thick, enclosing an area of
approximately 5 acres. Within this area are foundations of a huge
monument to commemorate Agricola's final subjugation of Britain c85 A.D.,
a C2 Government rest house (mansio), shops, the font of a Christian church,
c.400, and a late Saxon church, extended C12, destroyed C17. Within and
surrounding the fort are extensive earthworks associated with various
phases of the development. At some time a large port with extensive
wharfing: the landing place and supply base for the Claudian invasion
of AD.43.S.A.M. (See D.0.E & H.B.M.C. guide books: see also B.0.E. Kent
II 1483 432-3).

Listing NGR: TR3242060178

Information from British Listed Buildings

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